Zakat-Eligible Donations

 Tayba Foundation uses zakat to support the educational costs of our students.  The overwhelming majority qualify for zakat, due to being extremely indigent and without funds of their own.

 We do not use zakat for our overhead and operational costs, but rather distribute it directly to our students in the form of educational material and covering any costs with their education.  We do not distribute cash to prisoners.  We follow an extensive set of guidelines for zakat distribution that have been reviewed by Muslim scholars and chaplains.  

We are charged a transaction fee of approximately 2.5% per transaction by the Merchant Service Provider. This transaction fee is not counted towards zakat. To ensure that your intended zakat amount is distributed, an upward adjustment will be automatically calculated into the donation amount, and reflected after you make your selection.

If you would like to avoid this fee, you may mail a check to:

Tayba Foundation
P.O. Box 247
Union City, CA 94587

Who's donating

Osama Abed
Azhar Ali
Ensorullah Mohammad
William Ball & Farah Brelvi
Kashif Abdullah
Zahra Billoo
Naima Jameson
Sharaaz Khan
Sajid Siddiqi
Amena Khan
Vembriawan Prihardono
Andy Nunez
Yaser Ali
hasan rahman
Yusef Abdul-Zahir
Imran Akram
Mogheera Nagra
maliha qazen
Mohammed Patel
Darakhshan Takmeel
Faheema Chanda
Faheema Chanda
Mohammed Ishtiaq
Sharaaz Khan
Omar Noorzad
Hiba Rahman
Abdullah Jibaly
Bassam Tariq
Talha Hashmi
Hira Safdar

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Tayba Foundation is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations are exempt to the fullest extent of the law..

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